SVEA Energy - Sälj din överskottsel från dina solceller till SVEA Energy och följ samtidigt din elproduktion. - Få prisvärd grön energi från SVEA Energy. Har du solceller? Vi köper också din överskottsenergi för mer än marknadsvärdet. Följ din solcellsanläggning och elförbrukning i vår app och påverka din förbrukning.

Easy & Green

A sustainable energy company that will exist for generations to come


SVEA Energy makes it easy for you to switch to a green electricity contract.

Green energy is an economically sustainable alternative for those who also want to give back to the environment. With the electricity contract SVEA Energy you get better control of your electricity consumption and bills. With our own app you also get a smooth overview of your electricity consumption and can easily sell your excess.

You don't need solar panels to become a customer of SVEA Energy

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You are more than welcome to sign a contract with us even if you don't have solar panels or if you have installed solar panels from another solar cell operator on the market.

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Already have solar panels? - We make your life easier by selling your excess via SVEA Energy

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100% sun, wind and water

We started green and it is obvious to us to only us electricity from sun, wind and water.

SVEA Energy was born from SVEA Solar, a company that started installing solar panels in 2014 and is now the market leader in Sweden. We started SVEA Energy for the simple reason that it should be easy to have an overview of your electricity consumption and solar power plant, all in one place.

Why choose SVEA Energy

SVEA Energy will help you optimize your energy consumption. Gather invoices and all consumption data in one place. Thanks to smart solutions, green electricity and full overview, you as a customer can get a cheaper electricity bill.

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SVEA Energy app

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Smart cloud services

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Affordable and 100% green electricity contract

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A simple electricity contract with no binding period

Do you have solar panels?

SVEA Energy is working to reduce the need for fossil energy sources by promoting sun, wind and water. Therefore, we pay SEK 0,05 SEK / kWh more than spot price for your excess energy when you choose to install solar panels from SVEA Solar.

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Our prices and binding period

We don't do binding period, you choose!

You can easily compare electricity prices using the energy calculator

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Electricity agreements and electricity prices for businesses

We help you find the best solution for your business, regardless of size or electricity consumption.

For advice and price examples, please contact us.

Common questions